Original and very rare and nice antique ANGLO-BOER WAR (1899-1902) issue Model 1893/95 7X57 caliber Mauser Rifle. This rifle was manufactured by the German firm of Ludwig Loewe, Berlin. The firm was later re-named in late 1896 to DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken). Even though these rifles were marked on the receiver MODEL 1896, that was actually the date of manufacture. They are actually Models 1893/95. This Boer contract "A" serial block rifle was positively delivered to the Transvaal (South Africa) prior to the beginning of hostilities in 1899. The Boer contract rifles delivered by the Transvaal had no chamber crest and the letter prefix A,B, or C before the serial number. The A, B , and some of the C block rifles were actually delivered by Steamers to South Africa before the British Naval blockade. This ceased all further weapons from abroad reaching the Transvaal. The Steamers that had un-delivered rifles aboard were returned, had the Chilean crest applied, and re-routed to Chile. These "A" block Boer Rifles are extremely hard to find in any condition and this is a nice one. This rifle is all matching including the cleaning rod except for the bolt. Very interestingly the bolt is from another "A" block rifle. When captured the British routinely removed the bolts to make them in-operable. The rifle remains in attic un-touched condition, not import marked, and has never been repaired nor modified. The screw heads all remain perfect and is very evident this rifle has never been apart. The bores on these early Boer Rifles are usually trashed but this one is actually in good condition. The sling is an original and appears to have been on this rifle since its original use. I'm sure if you are a student of history you already know the long range marksmanship by the Boer commandos using these rifles is legendary. A famous British General once said a man standing in the open within 600 yards in front of a Boer firing line is a dead man. When found these 1893/95 Mauser Boer contract "A" block rifles are usually a basket case. Although actually used in combat during the Anglo_Boer War (1899-1902) this one in my 45 years of collecting might be the best real one I have seen. Gentlemen I can assure you that you won't see another like this one anytime soon. This is an antique rifle manufactured in 1896 so no license is needed for shipment. Absolutely 100% lifetime guaranteed to be what I say it is.