Offering for your consideration is a very historic M1852 U.S. Navy Officers Sword. This sword belonged to CDR George William Kenyon, USN (b.Aug. 8,1885-d. Feb.15, 1950). While the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Warrington (DD-30) during WWI then LCDR Kenyon because of his heroic actions at sea was awarded the Navy Cross. His Navy Cross citation can be found doing a google search to the "Hall Of Valor", among many others. CDR. Kenyon was raised in San Francisco, California and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1907. During WWI he was the CO of the U.S.S. Warrington (DD-30), later the U.S.S. Talbot (DD-114), and the Yangtze river gunboat Mindanao (PR-8) in 1931. CDR Kenyon had an illustrious Naval career from battling German U-Boats in the Atlantic during WWI to fighting pirates in the South China Seas in the early 1930s. Remember the famous Steve McQueen movie "The Sand Pebbles", CDR. Kenyon was the real deal. CDR Kenyon passed away Feb. 15th, 1950 and is buried in Section 3, Site 4578-A at Arlington National Cemetery. There were only 1,146 Navy Crosses awarded to Naval personel during WWI. I'm sure you are probably aware the Navy Cross is the highest decoration that may be bestowed by the Department of the Navy, and the second highest decoration given for valor. The Medal Of Honor being the highest. Now about this sword. This sword is very easy to date as it is marked on the ricasso J.M. Litchfield & Co., San Francisco, Cal. The J.M. Litchfield Co. a military goods company was in existence from 1886-1906. It ceased to exist after the great San Francisco earthquake in 1906 (San Francisco was George Kenyon's hometown until he graduated from Annapolis). This sword was most definitely circa 1905-1906 vintage. The sword itself remains in excellent condition. Blade measures its full 30 inches in length, has never been modified, and remains virtually all factory bright in color. The guard and rayskin handle remain in excellent condition as well as its original gold bullion sword knot. The blade is engraved with CDR Kenyon's name "GEO Wm KENYON" as well as having the traditional Naval motif. Leather scabbard with brass fittings remains in excellent condition as well and is original to the sword. The top metal fitting is inscribed with CDR Kenyon's initials GWK. Overall a very nice sword which belonged to a true American Naval hero. Absolutely 100% lifetime guaranteed to be original.