Original and very interesting U.S. 1795 Springfield Armory .69 caliber conversion musket dated 1810. This musket remains in totally un-touched as found condition. It has never been cleaned nor ever fooled with since it last usage probably during the U.S. Civil War. These are very historic muskets as their service use spanned from the War Of 1812, Mexican War, and also used by Confederate forces during the Civil War. This particular musket is so battle worn its almost beautiful. The stock was repaired during its original use by copper sheeting and small nails around its wrist. The barrel remains about 39 inches in length and the last two bands were eliminated and a wire wrap attaches the barrel to the end of the stock. The musket was converted to percussion probably during the 1840s with the drum type method used. The musket as stated before remains in un-touched condition, remains a deep dark patina in color, just the way you hope to find a relic like this. Overall a very interesting and historic U.S. musket which presents nicely on display and I'm sure has seen a lot during its lifetime. Antique so no FFL or C&R license is required for shipping.